Thank you for participating in the Lewis County PUD community broadband effort!

IF YOUR HOME IS IN A FUNDED AREA: Congratulations! PUD fiber is coming your way. This portal is the best place for you to come for updates on your property's buildout status, anticipated timelines, and other updates. We look forward to bringing world-class broadband to your area.

IF YOUR HOME IS IN AN AREA NOT YET FUNDED: Please click here and enter your address to take our brief survey and speed test to show that your area is in need of improved broadband services or provide other feedback. The data will help Lewis County PUD understand what areas of our community need high-speed broadband access and apply for grant opportunities to fund the infrastructure buildout.

Not sure if you're in a funded area or not? Click here and enter your address to check.

Lewis County PUD understands that access to high-speed broadband is essential to access today's education and workplace environments, facilitate public safety, and engage in online economic opportunities. Our goal is to ensure our area has the infrastructure needed to thrive! We couldn't do this without your support. Thank you. 

*Information represented on this webpage is based upon current records and is subject to change as project planning proceeds.

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